Biological Agent Warning Sensor

CUSTOMER: General Dynamics ATP
PROJECT: Consulting and Incorporating Process Improvements

General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products (ATP) was investing significant time and organizational resources in performing 100% inspection of the flatness of an optical plate, a part used in their Biological Agent Warning Sensor (BAWS). Other suppliers had been unable to provide a sufficient level of quality and consistency to make these checks unnecessary.

WSI recommended a higher quality raw material that required less finishing work and produced incredibly consistent results. Furthermore, we guaranteed the elimination of the problem and proved it by submitting statistical evidence with the first shipment.  The costs of this new material were more than offset by the elimination of rejected parts and increased production efficiency.

Due to the process change the 100% flatness inspection requirement was eliminated at both WSI and General Dynamics. This produced a substantial savings in both costs and man-hours. Since WSI began this project in 2006, we have maintained a 100% acceptance rate for these parts.


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