CUSTOMER: Powersports Manufacturer
PROJECT: Rapid Production Tooling

A typical precision machining project requires two rounds of tooling: pre-production tooling that’s developed quickly to make a prototype, and production tooling, which is a more precise form that usually takes longer to create. This is what our customer had planned — and budgeted — for in a new project they awarded us.

While the lead-time was very short and pre-production tooling would typically be required, WSI was able to complete the parts on time with production-ready tooling. Two factors combined to make this possible: Our familiarity with the customer’s production specifications and our project management structure that facilitates open communication between us and our customer to tier-two suppliers. When the prototype was approved, we were ready to proceed with full production — without the need for an additional round of tooling.

Initially, our client couldn’t understand why WSI was not quoting an additional round of tooling.  But he was very happy to learn that his company would save roughly $100,000 in tooling costs and also save 12 weeks in their production schedule.


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